JV concrete Solutions

Our company has been proudly serving All Indiana with concrete construction services for over 10 years.

Our Main Services

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Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations. A traditional foundation method we use to support a structure in an area where the ground freezes. A footing is placed below the frost line and then walls are added above it.



Concrete driveways, also called driveways in residential areas, offer a variety of decorative options that make these driveways unique from other methods of driveway construction. Contact us today…


Parking Lots

A concrete parking garage is really nothing more than an exterior slab-on-grade (or slab-on-grade). Perhaps what defines it as a parking lot, and what makes it a little different, we do the design and construction..



The primary function of retaining walls is soil management on sloping plots. They provide a barrier that prevents soil from shifting or sliding downhill, especially in heavy rain or when there are no trees.



Sidewalks provide places for children to walk, run, skate, and play, and are often used by young cyclists. Continuous and accessible sidewalk networks improve mobility for all pedestrians in the home.


concrete decorative

The quality, experience and commitment are factors involved in the design and construction of concrete decorative, excellent for residential and commercial area exteriors, being more eye-catching and durable.


JV Concrete Solutions

Our company has been proudly serving all of Indiana with concrete construction services for over 10 years. As one of the largest independent producers, we have the strength and size to meet the demands of any project. We have supplied concrete to general contractors for the construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Take a look at our work, we believe it speaks for itself.

We take pride in our work with the highest quality in each of our services, with confidence and commitment we are here to help you with each of your projects….


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